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Moves & Relocation Services

Moves & Relocation Services


Moving from one location to another is undoubtedly one of the most stressful experiences we experience. We have a multitudeof decisions to make, tasks to be accomplished and vendors and movers with whom to deal.


This can be an overwhelming load for anyone. Kapela Solutions will take on these tasks and alleviate the stress. We will deal with the vendors and movers and make the whole process easier for you and your family.

specialty moving relocation
"It is indeed with pleasure that I would offer my strong recommenndation to anyone requiring similar services to 'grab' you and Kapela Solutions!!"
~Lawrence B. Houston TX

Specialty Moving & Relocation Services


  • Facilitate a pre-packing "clean out"

  • Provide checklists and services for address forwarding, utility disconnect/connect, etc.

  • Oversee packing process with moving company

  • Unpacking, including organizing items & installation of systems

  • Action Plans

  • Disposal of unwanted furniture and accessories

  • Resource list, e.g. movers/painters

  • Direct and manage service providers

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