“Karon proved to be a lifesaver, almost literally, when I moved from one house to another. She is remarkably organized and the consummate professional.  If I could, I would hire her to work for me exclusively”.

Franci N. West University, Houston, TX.



"I have worked with Karon over several years and every time she comes to work on a project for me it is completed to perfection in a timely manner, and she is fun to work with! She is willing to work on things I just can't seem to get to or don't want to do and it feels so nice to have it done when she works her magic. She has helped me become a much more organized person which is so helpful so that I can find things more easily. In addition, she has taught me invaluable lessons about cleaning things out that are really never used so that I can lead a more simple life where I can more easily find things I actually need. I would highly recommend Karon to anyone!"

Stacie W., Bellaire, TX.



"I hired Karon initially 5 years ago to assist me with downsizing and preparing my family for a move to a new home. Karon (Kapela Solutions) was nothing less than efficient throughout the entire process.She took a lot of stress off me by coordinating the move, consigning furniture that we no longer needed in our new home, and handling all aspects of that move. Karon also assisted with space planning and the organization of our new kitchen. Over the years, Karon has become more a friend and personal assistant, helping me on a regular basis with organizing my office, creating/updating various binders for warranties and vendors that I work with.Karon also established a Home Inventory, creating important Home and Valuables Inventory Binders. Karon is not only pleasant to work with, but also completely focused on meeting tight deadlines. She is punctual, highly organized and able to display great attention to detail."

Renate H., Sugarland, TX.



"I can not recommend Karon highly enough. She has helped me with various projects since 2007. I first called her first after my mother passed away and I needed to clear out her house. On my own and even with the help of friends, I had been making only spoonfuls of progress. Two days after Karon and her assistants arrived, my mom's house was empty -- and clean. Furthermore, my mom's antiques were in my house, her other furniture was delivered to a resale shop, a truck load of things was taken to Good Will, and 10'x13' storage unit was filled with things I wanted to save, but not have in my house. The speed and efficiency of that move-out was truly incredible. Over the last 8 years, Karon has helped me several times a year to organize my home, closets, cupboards, garage, and keep up with paper clutter. As she has helped me physically, she has taught me better ways of managing my living space and record-keeping. Here are a few of her words of wisdom, "Do you want your home to be a museum to the past, or a place that serves the needs of your present life?" and for paper clutter, "Touch each piece of paper only once." Every time Karon and I finish a job, I think, "that was the best money I have ever spent. Why didn't I call her sooner.

Maren J., Bellaire, TX.



"For years, my administrative life was out of control. Paperwork was not my priority. One day I read in the newspaper that there are people, called organizers, who are there for people like me. I searched the internet and interviewed several people. Karon helped me beyond my expectations. She is intuitive, organized and gives me a feeling of hope, as she frees me from years of paperwork. Beyond helping with papers, files, organizing taxes, etc., she also helps with the big things, like organizing my garage and helping me pack when I was moving. She is my "girl Friday" and helped me solve years of disorganization. Thank you Karon.

Patricia H., New Orleans



"Karon has been, in one word, a lifesaver.  I am a Type A personality and want everything to be organized, but I lack the ideas, products or natural skills to get things there on my own.Karon has come in time and time again with useful, realistic processes and products that have greatly improved the flow and organization of our entire home from our home office, to the kitchen pantry, to our kids’ rooms, to my closets, to our garage, and everywhere else in between!  She takes a practical approach to getting to know your style and your family and then suggests products and systems that will work best for your individual, personal situation.  She’s not set on just one line of products or the same way of organizing things for every family in all situations—you get personalized attention and a unique solution tailored to you.  Karon has helped me achieve and maintain organization in two different homes now, including a great deal of assistance in the design phase when we were building our current home, to be sure things were set up as efficient as possible from the outset.  She also helped me greatly during the move itself—she is invaluable!"

Marla P., Bellaire, TX.




"Kapela Solutions has been one go-to call for over 7 years whenever my life and home have felt chaotic. Karon has helped me with EVERYTHING.   Assisting me with my closets, pantry, garage and office space.


She helped us in our transition to parenthood by making way for our new baby and setting our home for 3 instead of  2. Last year,

Karon and her team helped with the stressful move for our family to another city. Setting up the movers, cleaners and other vendors as needed.  Her team then assisted us with all the packing and unpacking in our new home.  Karon provided timelines on when to complete projects/certain items in advance of the impending move which took so much stress off of us.  I honestly could not have done it without them.  Karon’s upbeat attitude, kindness, efficiency and professionalism set her apart from the rest.


My mother-in-law has been a “clutter-bug” her whole life. Last year, for Christmas, I gave her a gift certificate for hours to use with Kapela Solutions to help her with her closets.   She has been complaining about for years. It was a life changing experience for her.

Now, every time I am over she loves to show off her closets to me and tell me how great it is she can walk to the back of the closet and see everything she owns. A year later, the closet still looks great and has been easy for her to maintain."

Emelie A., Austin, TX.



"The difference in being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start and having Karon come in and help cannot be overstated. She is professional and makes things happen and is a joy to work with. Karon has moved my husband’s office from the medical center to a surgery center, to helping me sort out and organize my closets ... my kitchen... my Christmas. 

Thank you Karon !!! "

Frances B., Memorial, TX. 



"I have worked with Karon since 2006 when she assisted me in my move (and in my kitchen renovation).   Words do not adequately express how I feel about Karon and the innovative ways she has helped (and continues to help) me over the years. She is truly amazing, and my survival tool for spring, summer, winter, and fall cleaning . And, the best part is, she is efficient and budget conscience, and not only organizes my house, but my life."

Laura M., Memorial, TX.



"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you and your magnificent ideas for organizing me. I truly can't believe what all we accomplished in a matter of hours. Everything looks sparkly clean and organized as I continued the rest of the day Saturday and all day Sunday. I feel like I've had a thousand pounds lifted off of my shoulders. Thank you again for all of your hard work. " 

Susan G., Pearland, TX. 



"I want to thank you for everything you did for me to help me get organized. I am so glad that you're the Organizer I found. Of all the one's out there, I got the best one of all! I'll be calling for a check up in a couple of months." 

Rita T., Houston, TX. 



"Now here's a gal who knows her organization! Karon conducted a "getting organized" workshop for a select group at my company, and shared with us many valuable tips and tools for creating a streamlined environment, not only in our personal lives, but also in our professional ones. Everyone who attended that day walked away with either a sense of reassurance about their own organizational abilities, or with a boost of motivation to roll up their sleeves and start getting things in order. Thanks Karon for putting a "fun and easy" twist on eliminating clutter!" 

Julie W., Major PC OEM, Austin, TX. 



"Do you think when you hire Karon van Vuuren, you will increase your efficiency and productivity? Absolutely!   But the magical phenomenon is when you hire Karon you are graced by her lovely presence. She gives you the tools to make your life more simple, therefore helping one to focus on the more important details of living, such as happiness, peace of mind, and joy. (to name a few...). And one more thing, I cannot leave out this important detail: Karon is one of those professionals that delivers service beyond your expectations." 

Karen R., Real Estate Co., Austin, TX. 



"Karon of Kapela Solutions is a wonder! We have thus far tackled my laundry room and a storage issue in the master bedroom closet. Both of these areas really have been transformed. She has been able to work with my 'pack rat' within and not push too hard when the 'toss it' decision had to be made. It makes a world of difference to have a PO working with you when undertaking difficult and overwhelming tasks. I highly recommend Karon and her services. She is efficient, courteous, thorough and a pleasure to work with. Money very well spent indeed." 

Kyra L., Austin, TX. 



"We had to make arrangements for over 40 international and out-of-town visitors and then orchestrate a long weekend of activities surrounding a celebration with about 300 guests, all in Houston, Texas!! The task seemed impossible. It was a pleasure to work with you, the stress level on our family was reduced dramatically as you somehow were able to place yourself in our "line-of-fire" and literally become part of the root organization of the function. From the time you got involved until a wrap up session after the weekend, your services were flawless!!  Your ability to organize logically and structure systematically was incredible and I am for-ever grateful for your help. It is indeed with pleasure that I would offer my strong recommendation to anyone requiring similar services to 'grab' you and Kapela Solutions!!" 

Lawrence B., Houston, TX. 



"We want to thank you for helping to make our wedding day perfect. You and everyone at Hidden Oaks are so professional and good at your jobs! All our guests commented on how kind and helpful everyone was, and we particularly appreciated how you oversaw every detail so things went seamlessly. Thank you. We were so pleased to have worked with you." 

Michael & Jen G., Houston, TX. 



"Thanks for everything. I look forward to a continued association." 

Karen K., Houston, TX. 



"Many thanks for the lovely job you did at my apartment. I'm going to keep it up." 

Julyette M., Houston, TX. 



"I can't thank you enough for your impeccable service! As always, a job well done!!!!"

Twana G-F., Sugarland, TX.


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