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Policies and Procedures


Kapela Solutions understands the personal nature, and stress that clients may experience when dealing with their organizing challenges. It can be daunting having someone organizing your home or office.


When you hire us you can rest assured you will be hiring experienced, Professional Organizers who are trustworthy and sypathetic to your needs.

policies and procedures

Policies and Procedures

"I want to thank you for everything you did for me to help me get organized"
~Rita T. Houston TX


Confidentiality is critical and we treat it as such. Kapela Solutions will treat all client information, business or personal, written or verbal, in total confidence. Kapela Solutions abides by the Code of Ethics prescribed by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

Services and Supplies 


Kapela Solutions requires a minimum of three hours to complete the initial organizing session. Maintenance work is handled on a case by case basis and is based on the client's needs.


Various containers/supplies may be required to complete a project. The purchase of these will constitute an expense separate from the hourly rate for organizing services. These items may be chosen and purchased either by the client or Kapela Solutions.


Should the client request Kapela Solutions to choose and purchase the required items, the client will reimburse Kapela Solutions in full.

services and supplies


Payment is due at the end of each organizing session. All products used, will also be reimbursed at the end of each organizing session. It should be noted that products are not included in the hourly rate.


We now credit card payments.  Please note that you do NOT have to have or create a PayPal account to use this service. We send your invoice for services and/or product to you via email. You click on the Pay Now button in the email message, which will send your browser to PayPal's secure web site where you fill out your credit card and billing info and submit the payment. It’s that easy!


Your credit card information remains confidential and you only initiate payment once you're satisfied that you've received a legitimate invoice for services/product from us.



48 hours notice, either in writing or via email, is required should the client wish to cancel either the initial consultation or a scheduled organizing session. Should the 48 hour notification of cancellation not be received by Kapela Solutions, a three hour minimum fee will be charged. Kapela Solutions is eager to accommodate client's demanding schedules by being flexible about rescheduling appointments.


The Kapela Solutions website links to the sites of other providers, some of which are operated by companies unrelated to Kapela Solutions. Kapela Solutions has no control over the content or availability of services or products on any of the linked sites.


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